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Tournament Winners!

Women's Doubles

     Women’s Beginner/Novice
Gold    Jessie Hoagland and Robin Hoagland
Silver  Margaret Bellah and Paullette Greeno

     Women’s 3.0
Gold Crystal Cmapbell-Quok and Kalyn Quok
Silver  Michelle Murphey and Sidne George
Bronze  Gloria Hahn and Carol Parsons

     Women’s 3.5
Gold Becky Privitt and Joan Deputy
Silver  Reine Steele and Victoria C
Bronze  Sarah Pace and Denise Johnson

     Women’s 4.0
Gold    Robyn Penwell and Jennifer Fritz
Silver  Joan Dallin and Kelly Rother
Bronze  Dar Bowser and Kathy Burke

     Women’s 4.5
Gold    Andrea Mayorga and Joyce May

Silver  Elaine Hennessy and Patricia Strazzi

Mixed Doubles
     Mixed Beginner/Novice
Gold    Michelle Daniels and Kevin Daniels
Silver  Chris Daniels and Katie Daniels
Bronze  Luis Blanco and Robin Hoagland

     Mixed 3.0
Gold    Maria Brooks and Mike Martin
Silver  Heman Lee and Jeanie Fong
Bronze  Sidne George and Joe Clark

     Mixed 3.5
Gold    Vivian Lerch and Mark Nives
Silver  Jorge Salazar and Kalyn Quok
Bronze  Dan Busch and Becky Privitt

     Mixed 4.0
Gold    Howard Parsons and Robbin Maloney
Silver  Ruby Carrasco-Paley and Terry Otis
Bronze  Dar Bowser and Don Koupal

     Mixed 4.5
Gold    Jeff Kean and Joanna Kean

     Mixed 5.0
Gold    Patricia Strazzi and David Velardo

Men's Doubles
     Men’s Beginner/Novice
Gold    John Wynne and Luis Blanco

     Men’s 3.0
Gold    Paul Richins and Gregg McNamee
Silver  Buddy Acosta and Bert Pittari
Bronze  Mike Martin and John Martinez

     Men’s 3.5
Gold    Mike Burke and Jason Burke
Silver  Jonavan Chang and Mark Yuan
Bronze  Dan Busch and Sean Tener

     Men’s 4.0
Gold    Ted Bryson and Ron Jimenez
Silver  Scott Jones and Matt Felix
Bronze  Terry Otis and Terry Donohue

     Men’s 4.5
Gold    Dean Widman and Chris Mayberry

     Men’s 5.0
Gold    Batong Briones and David Verlado

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